Lab Testing 

“My medical doctor says everything is normal, but I still feel unwell.”

We hear this all the time. In our office, we offer a variety of specific labs to investigate the root cause to your health issue. Our labwork is much more comprehensive than what most medical doctors can order. If a practitioner isn’t testing, then they’re just guessing. We don’t like to guess, which is why we are thorough with your health.

HRV and the Autonomic Nervous System

We can order the following:

Wellness Blood Panel | Includes CBC, Iron panel, CMP, complete Thyroid panel, Inflammation markers and more…

eFHP | Female Hormone Panel | Assists in finding the imbalance in female hormones during birthing years

ePeriM & ePostM | Perimenopause/Menopause Panel | Assists in finding the imbalance in female hormones after birthing yearse

MHP | Male Hormone Panel | Assists in finding the imbalance in male hormones & prostate health at any age

ASI | Adrenal Stress Index | Assists in identifying what stage of adrenal fatigue one has

TME | Saliva & urine test for heavy metal toxicity

Hair Tissue Mineral AnalysisGI-MAPGI-02 | Stool & Saliva testGLP-Tox | Assess environmental toxin load

Watch the video below to better understand how comprehensive our Wellness Blood Panel is and see real results with what Functional Nutrition can do for cases with elevated triglycerides. Watch this video below!

We work with natural health practitioners across the country on how to interpret lab analysis for a variety of tests. We have seen hundreds of lab results. No 2 lab results are the same and can be extremely helpful in uncovering the root cause to your health issues. Schedule your appointment with us today to finally uncover what is really challenging your health.

To order specific labs to help with your ROOT CAUSE investigation, click on any test below.