Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion

Ever wonder how drug induced diseases develop? Well, all drugs are known to deplete the body of vitamins, minerals or other nutrients. Take for example, statin drugs, the ones that prevent the liver from producing much needed cholesterol. Statins are notorious for creating CoQenzyme10 nutrient deficiency. It may be the metabolic reason why some individuals who take a statin and later develop myopathy (or pain in the muscles).

What Is Iatrogensis?

It’s doctor induced disease. Certain health problems may develop after a surgery or by taking a pharmaceutical and may lead to developing an adverse event, an uninteded consequence. In many cases, it’s temporary and goes away when a medication is stopped. Unfortunately, for some individuals, the adverse event may linger on.

What Is Drug-Induced Disease?

Simply put, it’s an adverse event.Often times, a medical doctor will then prescribe an additional drug to treat that side effect or switch the drug out with one that has similar mechanisms of action.

How Do Drugs Contribute To Health Issues?

When you search on the mytavin.com website, you’ll see that nearly every drug currently on the market has the confirmed effect to exacerbate a person’s malnourished condition. However, the data is limited to only the “known” nutrients humans have discovered. There are many unknown nutrients that we still don’t know the effects medications may have on.

What Do I Do If I Suspect My Drug Is Worsening My Already Poor Nutritional Status?

Always work with your prescribing physician for dosage adjustments. DO NOT stop your medication, because you may develop withdrawal syndrome if your body has developed a dependancy (or is addictated) to the drug. Here is what we recommend you start with

  • Work closely with your Functional Nutrition practitioner
  • Increase your intake of whole foods
  • Decrease, then eliminate refined foods from your diet
  • Strive to restore your health so that your medical professional may one day be legally able to take you off your medication

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