Exploring Dr. Royal Lee's Combo Formulas 

The combination formulas came from blending of other amazing Standard Process ingredients

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In the realm of holistic healthcare, the legacy of Dr. Royal Lee stands as a cornerstone. His pioneering work in nutritional science, particularly in the development of combination formulas, continues to impact the field today. Dr. Lee, along with his colleagues, crafted formulations that catered to the intricate needs of the human body. These formulas, such as Livaplex, Congaplex, Cardio-Plus, Drenamin, Diaplex, Albaplex, and Allerplex, represent a synergy of botanicals and nutrients aimed at promoting wellness. Let's delve into the essence of each formula, reflecting on Dr. Lee's vision and the enduring influence it carries in contemporary holistic medicine.

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Livaplex: Nourishing Liver Support

Livaplex embodies Dr. Lee's holistic approach to liver health, integrating a blend of synergistic ingredients. With constituents like Spanish black radish, beet, and dandelion, it aims to support the liver's vital functions. These components work in harmony to promote detoxification and enhance the body's ability to eliminate waste products effectively. Livaplex serves as a testament to Dr. Lee's understanding of the liver's pivotal role in overall health and his commitment to providing comprehensive support through natural means.

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Congaplex: Strengthening Immune Resilience

Congaplex represents Dr. Lee's insight into fortifying the body's immune response. Comprising a fusion of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals like echinacea and calcium lactate, it aims to bolster immune resilience. This formula serves as a frontline defense against seasonal challenges, empowering the body to combat pathogens effectively. Dr. Lee's emphasis on immune support underscores his belief in the intrinsic connection between nutritional balance and immune function, paving the way for holistic approaches to wellness.

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Cardio-Plus: Nurturing Cardiovascular Health

Cardio-Plus reflects Dr. Lee's dedication to cardiovascular wellness, offering a blend of nutrients targeted at heart health. With ingredients such as bovine heart extract and synergistic herbs like hawthorn and motherwort, it supports optimal circulation and cardiovascular function. Dr. Lee recognized the significance of a healthy heart in sustaining overall vitality, inspiring the formulation of Cardio-Plus as a holistic solution for cardiovascular support. This formula encapsulates his commitment to addressing the root causes of health imbalances.

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Drenamin: Balancing Stress Response

Drenamin epitomizes Dr. Lee's holistic approach to managing stress and promoting adrenal balance. By incorporating adrenal and spleen extracts along with supportive botanicals like alfalfa and licorice, it aims to modulate the body's stress response. This formula acknowledges the profound impact of stress on overall well-being and seeks to restore equilibrium by nourishing the adrenal glands. Dr. Lee's recognition of the interconnectedness between stress, adrenal health, and vitality underscores the significance of Drenamin in promoting holistic resilience.

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Diaplex: Supporting Blood Sugar Metabolism

Diaplex embodies Dr. Lee's commitment to addressing metabolic imbalances associated with blood sugar regulation. With ingredients like bovine pancreas Cytosol™ extract and synergistic botanicals such as buckwheat and burdock root, it supports healthy glucose metabolism. This formula underscores Dr. Lee's holistic approach to managing blood sugar levels, focusing on the intricate interplay between nutrition and metabolic function. Diaplex represents a holistic paradigm shift towards comprehensive solutions for metabolic wellness.

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Albaplex: Supporting Renal Glandular Function

Albaplex reflects Dr. Lee's understanding of the pivotal role played by glandular health in overall vitality. By combining glandular extracts with supportive nutrients and herbs like Irish moss and rice bran, it aims to promote optimal glandular function. This formula acknowledges the interconnectedness of the endocrine system and its influence on various bodily processes. Dr. Lee's emphasis on glandular support underscores his holistic approach to wellness, recognizing the significance of addressing imbalances at their root cause.


In conclusion, the formation of combination formulas like Livaplex, Congaplex, Cardio-Plus, Drenamin, Diaplex, Albaplex, and Allerplex represents a culmination of Dr. Royal Lee's visionary insights and the collaborative efforts of his colleagues. These formulations embody a holistic approach to wellness, addressing the multifaceted needs of the human body through synergistic blends of nutrients and botanicals. Dr. Lee's legacy continues to resonate in the realm of holistic healthcare, inspiring practitioners and patients alike to embrace the profound potential of natural solutions in promoting vitality and well-being.